Specializing in custom web solutions

  • Improving the visibility of your business on internet
  • Increasing productivity through automation
  • Standing out from competitors with unique services

Webcover is a web agency located in Strasbourg, specializing in the design and development of custom web solutions. We can help you create your website or develop a personalized web application. Together, we will create the tailor-made solution of your choice.
Our agency provides professional support in various areas, from coding to design, content writing, and communication. If you were looking for a web agency, you've found it.

Improving the visibility of your business on the web

Enhance the reputation of your company with a custom website.

How to make prospective clients want to get to know us ? Create engagement and a connection with others even before any contact ? Cater to the needs of people we don't know yet ? A website offers all of this and more : it leaves a lasting impression with its relevance and increases a company's online presence.

Developing one's brand image on social media platforms.

How to become a reference in your industry ? How to build a loyal audience that can generate positive word-of-mouth ? How to facilitate contact with potential clients ? Simply by sharing your professional experiences, successes, and setbacks. Who said that developing your image on social media was complicated ?

Harnessing the power of the web to enhance the visibility of your website.

Need to promote a business or a product? Looking to stand out from the competition in your industry? Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) leverages the web's algorithms to attract potential customers in both the short term (Search Engine Advertising - SEA) and long term, ultimately increasing your company's visibility.

Increasing company productivity through the web

A customized web software to automate and speed up task management

Need to improve the performance of your company ? To facilitate the management of repetitive tasks ? To increase employee efficiency ? Investing in the development of a custom web software brings a concrete and personalized solution to a specific problem.

Creating a landing page to generate qualified customer leads

How to ensure a high-quality leads database ? How to retrieve their information in a voluntary and consensual manner ? How to be sure that they are interested in the offered service ? The landing page is now the ideal medium to engage and gather information from prospective clients.

Investing in an e-commerce platform to improve and automate sales

Getting closer to your customers, digitizing the ordering process, and fostering customer loyalty is quite tempting, isn't it ? The e-commerce website provides information and products at the click of a mouse. Why wait to automate and improve the sales of both your services and products ?

Stand out from competitors using the internet

Innovate with a web application to offer attractive services

How to capture buyers' interest ? Spice up the offered services and provide added value ? A web application enhances the consumer experience through augmented reality, can digitize services, and increase customer engagement. Customization ensures innovation in line with the end user.

Enhance your communication tools to stand out from the market

Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, flyer, catalog : how to enhance your communication channels ? Make the approach to prospective clients engaging ? Communicate differently from your competitors ? Photo shoots, on-location videos, aerial footage using a drone : a media package enables a consistent and fresh approach to your brand image.

Establish yourself as a reference in the market to gain visibility

How to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services ? Enable testing of your company's professionalism ? Web content writing addresses clients' inquiries and makes expertise accessible through articles. It also ensures that they gain authority through search engine optimization to establish themselves as references on search engines

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Webcover garantee

A unique guarantee for all Webcover clients

No client left behind : that's the guarantee at the core of our web development solutions.

We commit to long-term support to ensure a sustainable and high-quality website for all our clients. The delivery of the website doesn't mark the end of our commitment to you: we take responsibility for our product because we understand the importance of maintenance in the online world. That's why we even offer pricing that includes a lifetime guarantee. Discover the details of our offers and our guarantee, contact us !

To secure your interests with Webcover services


Our services are unique because they are tailor-made: from conception to development, from graphic design to media.

Guaranteed support

All our development products come with a maintenance and update guarantee.

Secure data

Our web agency complies with the recommendations of the CNIL as well as the ANSSI for data processing.


All our websites are designed to be scalable and display seamlessly across various devices.

Tell us about yourself

If you want to talk about your future project or simply ask for advice in the field of web, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you. Did you notice an error on our website? We appreciate all feedback.
Yona & David, co-managers of Webcover.

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