Conclusion to our market study on CMS

Each type of CMS corresponds to a clearly defined use. We have chosen a simple criterion to distinguish between them: traffic management.

State of the Website Creation Software Market in France

Distribution of CMS usage in France 1.

Graph of market share distribution for different types of CMS

As of November 14, 2021, the BuiltWith website records 875,949 websites in France using one of the existing CMSs, out of an estimated total of 1,865,355 websites (source).

Currently, WordPress is the market leader in CMS, capable of meeting a wide range of demands. It benefits from both the support of its publishing company and a large community, which continually contributes to its evolution in terms of security, added features, and user-friendly experience.

These different types of CMS can be categorized based on their strengths in one clear criterion: website traffic generated by each CMS technology.

Graph of different targets based on different CMS

Positioning of different CMSs (market leaders) based on the traffic of websites using them, worldwide. Source: https://w3techs.com/ (consulted on November 11, 2021).
Horizontal axis: Used by a small number of sites - Used by a large number of sites.
Vertical axis: Used by sites with low traffic - Used by sites with high traffic.
In red: Hosted CMS - In green: Open-source CMS - In orange: Headless CMS.

From the graph, we can observe that hosted CMSs are generally as, if not less, popular than open-source CMSs. However, open-source CMSs are preferred for sites with significant traffic, while headless CMSs excel in this aspect while still being less popular than hosted CMSs.
The conclusion is not surprising: the more powerful, flexible, and business-oriented the CMS, the less likely it is to be favored by small sites with low traffic. Conversely, it will be highly sought after by large enterprise sites that handle a substantial amount of traffic, as they are better equipped to manage content and drive long-term innovation.

1. Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/country/France (consulted on November 18, 2021).

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